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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.5 or greater within 13000 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Sun, 22-Jul-2018 1:04pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
57 mi SSW of Sarangani, Philippines 5.2 0116907264 mi 1532284122Sun, 22-Jul-2018 11:28am PDT map
55 mi SSW of Sarangani, Philippines 4.7 0116887262 mi 1532283584Sun, 22-Jul-2018 11:19am PDT map
36 mi SW of Mendi, Papua New Guinea 4.5 0108626749 mi 1532270855Sun, 22-Jul-2018 7:47am PDT map
17 mi SSE of Hidalgotitlan, Mexico 5.1 0034482143 mi 1532263181Sun, 22-Jul-2018 5:39am PDT map
Carlsberg Ridge 4.7 0150429347 mi 1532258823Sun, 22-Jul-2018 4:27am PDT map
35 mi SE of Taron, Papua New Guinea 4.5 0098596126 mi 1532258174Sun, 22-Jul-2018 4:16am PDT map
22 mi NE of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran 5.9 0119577430 mi 1532254046Sun, 22-Jul-2018 3:07am PDT map
168 mi WSW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia 5.1 0141148770 mi 1532253879Sun, 22-Jul-2018 3:04am PDT map
52 mi S of Sabtang, Philippines 4.5 0108466739 mi 1532240572Sat, 21-Jul-2018 11:22pm PDT map
34 mi E of Lar, Iran 5.4 0128157963 mi 1532236023Sat, 21-Jul-2018 10:07pm PDT map
31 mi E of Lar, Iran 4.6 0128237968 mi 1532235887Sat, 21-Jul-2018 10:04pm PDT map
17 mi NE of Nelson, New Zealand 4.6 0108776759 mi 1532229283Sat, 21-Jul-2018 8:14pm PDT map
101 mi S of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 5.1 0138108581 mi 1532213458Sat, 21-Jul-2018 3:50pm PDT map
Southeast Indian Ridge 5.4 01642810208 mi 1532206580Sat, 21-Jul-2018 1:56pm PDT map
4 mi WSW of Volcano, Hawaii 5.4 0037722344 mi 1532202208Sat, 21-Jul-2018 12:43pm PDT map
80 mi N of Calama, Chile 4.5 0085365304 mi 1532195119Sat, 21-Jul-2018 10:45am PDT map
27 mi ENE of Calama, Chile 5.2 0086505375 mi 1532183943Sat, 21-Jul-2018 7:39am PDT map
14 mi N of Uri, India 4.5 0119177405 mi 1532164777Sat, 21-Jul-2018 2:19am PDT map
58 mi WSW of Chernabura Island, Alaska 5.4 0035222189 mi 1532159919Sat, 21-Jul-2018 12:58am PDT map
5 mi S of Sirukam, Indonesia 5.2 0140778747 mi 1532159895Sat, 21-Jul-2018 12:58am PDT map
Central East Pacific Rise 4.5 0052983292 mi 1532153364Fri, 20-Jul-2018 11:09pm PDT map
20 mi ENE of Nahrin, Afghanistan 4.8 0117937328 mi 1532150298Fri, 20-Jul-2018 10:18pm PDT map
82 mi SSE of Vilyuchinsk, Russia 4.9 0061493821 mi 1532146759Fri, 20-Jul-2018 9:19pm PDT map
173 mi S of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 4.5 0098566124 mi 1532138834Fri, 20-Jul-2018 7:07pm PDT map
25 mi S of Copala, Mexico 4.7 0032232003 mi 1532136580Fri, 20-Jul-2018 6:29pm PDT map
130 mi NE of Rutog, China 4.6 0116717252 mi 1532133636Fri, 20-Jul-2018 5:40pm PDT map
29 mi NNE of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands 5.6 0089565565 mi 1532130960Fri, 20-Jul-2018 4:56pm PDT map
44 mi E of Muara Siberut, Indonesia 5.2 0142088828 mi 1532116687Fri, 20-Jul-2018 12:58pm PDT map
Central East Pacific Rise 4.6 0052803281 mi 1532116018Fri, 20-Jul-2018 12:46pm PDT map
117 mi SSW of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0103846452 mi 1532111573Fri, 20-Jul-2018 11:32am PDT map
9 mi SSW of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Mexico 4.6 0033532084 mi 1532108524Fri, 20-Jul-2018 10:42am PDT map
48 mi W of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 5.0 0095465932 mi 1532089921Fri, 20-Jul-2018 5:32am PDT map
52 mi NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.6 0115767193 mi 1532088199Fri, 20-Jul-2018 5:03am PDT map
14 mi SE of Suncho Corral, Argentina 5.6 0094815891 mi 1532082297Fri, 20-Jul-2018 3:24am PDT map
1 mi ENE of Polkowice, Poland 5.0 0093645819 mi 1532057491Thu, 19-Jul-2018 8:31pm PDT map
3 mi WSW of Volcano, Hawaii 5.2 0037712343 mi 1532053981Thu, 19-Jul-2018 7:33pm PDT map
83 mi NE of Hihifo, Tonga 4.9 0078634886 mi 1532047402Thu, 19-Jul-2018 5:43pm PDT map
109 mi SSW of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 5.1 0137558547 mi 1532046299Thu, 19-Jul-2018 5:24pm PDT map
112 mi SSW of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 4.9 0137548546 mi 1532043013Thu, 19-Jul-2018 4:30pm PDT map
70 mi SW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0109106779 mi 1532038117Thu, 19-Jul-2018 3:08pm PDT map
59 mi W of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea 6.0 0103556435 mi 1532025033Thu, 19-Jul-2018 11:30am PDT map
77 mi S of Krajan Tambakrejo, Indonesia 4.6 0137438540 mi 1532022234Thu, 19-Jul-2018 10:43am PDT map
57 mi WSW of Chernabura Island, Alaska 6.0 0035242190 mi 1532009786Thu, 19-Jul-2018 7:16am PDT map
1 mi NW of Huajuapan de Leon, Mexico 5.7 0031861980 mi 1532007113Thu, 19-Jul-2018 6:31am PDT map
92 mi S of Krajan Tambakrejo, Indonesia 4.8 0137488542 mi 1532004577Thu, 19-Jul-2018 5:49am PDT map
80 mi S of Krajan Tambakrejo, Indonesia 5.4 0137438540 mi 1532003016Thu, 19-Jul-2018 5:23am PDT map
13 mi E of Colombia, Colombia 5.1 0061023792 mi 1531978774Wed, 18-Jul-2018 10:39pm PDT map
35 mi SSW of La Gomera, Guatemala 4.5 0040032487 mi 1531963637Wed, 18-Jul-2018 6:27pm PDT map
99 mi N of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.6 0115277163 mi 1531946438Wed, 18-Jul-2018 1:40pm PDT map
53 mi WSW of Chernabura Island, Alaska 5.6 0035102181 mi 1531940763Wed, 18-Jul-2018 12:06pm PDT map
30 mi ESE of Kainantu, Papua New Guinea 5.0 0105836576 mi 1531932990Wed, 18-Jul-2018 9:56am PDT map
96 mi ENE of Angoram, Papua New Guinea 4.9 0104736508 mi 1531923779Wed, 18-Jul-2018 7:22am PDT map
17 mi W of Agat Village, Guam 4.8 0094315860 mi 1531916831Wed, 18-Jul-2018 5:27am PDT map
3 mi SW of Volcano, Hawaii 5.3 0037722344 mi 1531913283Wed, 18-Jul-2018 4:28am PDT map
93 mi ENE of Angoram, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0104796511 mi 1531912984Wed, 18-Jul-2018 4:23am PDT map
35 mi W of Sabtang, Philippines 4.5 0108246726 mi 1531910121Wed, 18-Jul-2018 3:35am PDT map
92 mi ENE of Angoram, Papua New Guinea 5.3 0104816512 mi 1531906691Wed, 18-Jul-2018 2:38am PDT map
32 mi ENE of Hasaki, Japan 4.6 0082145104 mi 1531899892Wed, 18-Jul-2018 12:44am PDT map
33 mi WNW of Yurimaguas, Peru 4.7 0066884156 mi 1531877382Tue, 17-Jul-2018 6:29pm PDT map
43 mi WNW of Francisco Pizarro, Colombia 4.6 0058203616 mi 1531877334Tue, 17-Jul-2018 6:28pm PDT map
North of Franz Josef Land 4.8 0062423879 mi 1531856024Tue, 17-Jul-2018 12:33pm PDT map
98 mi SSW of Fukue, Japan 4.7 0094865894 mi 1531852960Tue, 17-Jul-2018 11:42am PDT map
81 mi SW of Bamboo Flat, India 4.6 0136238465 mi 1531838542Tue, 17-Jul-2018 7:42am PDT map
4 mi WSW of Gul'cha, Kyrgyzstan 4.7 0112807009 mi 1531838117Tue, 17-Jul-2018 7:35am PDT map
6 mi WSW of Rrogozhine, Albania 4.6 0104996524 mi 1531832706Tue, 17-Jul-2018 6:05am PDT map
South of the Fiji Islands 4.7 0090545626 mi 1531832636Tue, 17-Jul-2018 6:03am PDT map
38 mi WSW of Barranca, Peru 4.6 0065834090 mi 1531826832Tue, 17-Jul-2018 4:27am PDT map
17 mi S of Coalcoman de Matamoros, Mexico 5.0 0027531711 mi 1531817683Tue, 17-Jul-2018 1:54am PDT map
75 mi SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands 5.9 0092135725 mi 1531810975Tue, 17-Jul-2018 12:02am PDT map
18 mi WNW of Bojnurd, Iran 4.9 0117227284 mi 1531799914Mon, 16-Jul-2018 8:58pm PDT map
54 mi E of Ozernovskiy, Russia 4.7 0062543886 mi 1531792107Mon, 16-Jul-2018 6:48pm PDT map
3 mi SW of Volcano, Hawaii 5.3 0037722344 mi 1531777355Mon, 16-Jul-2018 2:42pm PDT map
11 mi SE of Hitachi, Japan 4.5 0082175106 mi 1531770172Mon, 16-Jul-2018 12:42pm PDT map
94 mi ESE of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands 5.0 0091395679 mi 1531769659Mon, 16-Jul-2018 12:34pm PDT map
13 mi E of Funaishikawa, Japan 4.9 0082205107 mi 1531769652Mon, 16-Jul-2018 12:34pm PDT map
Balleny Islands region 5.8 0132068206 mi 1531754318Mon, 16-Jul-2018 8:18am PDT map
76 mi NE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 5.2 0095135911 mi 1531749791Mon, 16-Jul-2018 7:03am PDT map
54 mi WSW of Constitucion, Chile 4.8 0094985902 mi 1531736993Mon, 16-Jul-2018 3:29am PDT map
32 mi WSW of La Ligua, Chile 4.6 0093275795 mi 1531734293Mon, 16-Jul-2018 2:44am PDT map
38 mi WSW of Mendi, Papua New Guinea 4.7 0108636750 mi 1531725394Mon, 16-Jul-2018 12:16am PDT map
19 mi ESE of Gualaceo, Ecuador 4.5 0063163925 mi 1531719314Sun, 15-Jul-2018 10:35pm PDT map
26 mi SE of Hasaki, Japan 4.7 0082505127 mi 1531709517Sun, 15-Jul-2018 7:51pm PDT map
23 mi SE of Bualu, Indonesia 4.7 0134788375 mi 1531698532Sun, 15-Jul-2018 4:48pm PDT map
40 mi WSW of Jaque, Panama 4.5 0054813406 mi 1531697197Sun, 15-Jul-2018 4:26pm PDT map
96 mi SSE of Sigave, Wallis and Futuna 5.2 0082635134 mi 1531694934Sun, 15-Jul-2018 3:48pm PDT map
West Chile Rise 4.7 0085405307 mi 1531691325Sun, 15-Jul-2018 2:48pm PDT map

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