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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.5 or greater within 13000 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Sat, 21-Apr-2018 12:55am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
109 mi NE of Dili, East Timor 4.8 0123917700 mi 1524287207Fri, 20-Apr-2018 10:06pm PDT map
34 mi NNE of Calama, Chile 4.5 0086125351 mi 1524287034Fri, 20-Apr-2018 10:03pm PDT map
1 mi ESE of Pefkochori, Greece 4.7 0107666690 mi 1524270006Fri, 20-Apr-2018 5:20pm PDT map
104 mi SW of Gizo, Solomon Islands 4.7 0099336172 mi 1524266196Fri, 20-Apr-2018 4:16pm PDT map
21 mi WSW of Pyu, Burma 5.1 0126767877 mi 1524263365Fri, 20-Apr-2018 3:29pm PDT map
27 mi SE of Chichi-shima, Japan 4.8 0086975404 mi 1524253678Fri, 20-Apr-2018 12:47pm PDT map
116 mi ESE of Raoul Island, New Zealand 5.0 0093415805 mi 1524252635Fri, 20-Apr-2018 12:30pm PDT map
South of the Fiji Islands 4.6 0090085597 mi 1524239201Fri, 20-Apr-2018 8:46am PDT map
26 mi SSE of Kushiro, Japan 4.5 0075724705 mi 1524221150Fri, 20-Apr-2018 3:45am PDT map
19 mi WSW of Pyu, Burma 4.8 0126737874 mi 1524197765Thu, 19-Apr-2018 9:16pm PDT map
99 mi SSE of `Ohonua, Tonga 5.3 0086185355 mi 1524182395Thu, 19-Apr-2018 4:59pm PDT map
Prince Edward Islands region 6.0 01852311510 mi 1524172157Thu, 19-Apr-2018 2:09pm PDT map
115 mi S of False Pass, Alaska 4.5 0036432264 mi 1524148627Thu, 19-Apr-2018 7:37am PDT map
22 mi SSW of Sinabang, Indonesia 4.8 0141378784 mi 1524144879Thu, 19-Apr-2018 6:34am PDT map
125 mi ESE of Yamada, Japan 4.5 0078144855 mi 1524143815Thu, 19-Apr-2018 6:16am PDT map
46 mi NNE of Miyako, Japan 4.9 0078724892 mi 1524137907Thu, 19-Apr-2018 4:38am PDT map
11 mi NNW of Palomares, Mexico 4.8 0034222127 mi 1524132382Thu, 19-Apr-2018 3:06am PDT map
63 mi SE of Bandar Bushehr, Iran 5.5 0127197903 mi 1524119687Wed, 18-Apr-2018 11:34pm PDT map
95 mi NNW of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 4.6 0135228402 mi 1524107501Wed, 18-Apr-2018 8:11pm PDT map
57 mi WSW of Mendi, Papua New Guinea 4.7 0108946769 mi 1524088669Wed, 18-Apr-2018 2:57pm PDT map
40 mi WSW of Amatignak Island, Alaska 4.5 0047552955 mi 1524071634Wed, 18-Apr-2018 10:13am PDT map
South Atlantic Ocean 5.5 0122677622 mi 1524056839Wed, 18-Apr-2018 6:07am PDT map
Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.0 0132348223 mi 1524055809Wed, 18-Apr-2018 5:50am PDT map
3 mi E of San Jeronimo Ixtepec, Mexico 4.7 0034852165 mi 1524052761Wed, 18-Apr-2018 4:59am PDT map
91 mi E of Miyako, Japan 4.7 0078104853 mi 1524051974Wed, 18-Apr-2018 4:46am PDT map
140 mi NW of Saumlaki, Indonesia 5.3 0120707500 mi 1524043546Wed, 18-Apr-2018 2:25am PDT map
168 mi NW of Tual, Indonesia 5.3 0117257286 mi 1524035215Wed, 18-Apr-2018 12:06am PDT map
South of Panama 5.4 0053443321 mi 1524032162Tue, 17-Apr-2018 11:16pm PDT map
183 mi NE of Fais, Micronesia 5.4 0097226041 mi 1524029521Tue, 17-Apr-2018 10:32pm PDT map
22 mi NE of Severomuysk, Russia 4.5 0083815208 mi 1524009228Tue, 17-Apr-2018 4:53pm PDT map
118 mi NNW of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 5.0 0135068392 mi 1524008584Tue, 17-Apr-2018 4:43pm PDT map
121 mi NNW of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 4.9 0135028390 mi 1524007073Tue, 17-Apr-2018 4:17pm PDT map
127 mi ENE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia 4.8 0059443693 mi 1524002140Tue, 17-Apr-2018 2:55pm PDT map
3 mi ESE of Parham, Antigua and Barbuda 4.7 0062583888 mi 1523996812Tue, 17-Apr-2018 1:26pm PDT map
149 mi W of Hihifo, Tonga 4.7 0081795082 mi 1523995177Tue, 17-Apr-2018 12:59pm PDT map
88 mi ENE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 4.9 0093715823 mi 1523976042Tue, 17-Apr-2018 7:40am PDT map
80 mi ENE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 4.5 0100656254 mi 1523975044Tue, 17-Apr-2018 7:24am PDT map
98 mi WSW of Kuripan, Indonesia 4.5 0143048888 mi 1523973307Tue, 17-Apr-2018 6:55am PDT map
72 mi N of Calama, Chile 4.9 0085515313 mi 1523972764Tue, 17-Apr-2018 6:46am PDT map
97 mi N of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.5 0115417171 mi 1523956888Tue, 17-Apr-2018 2:21am PDT map
170 mi E of Amahai, Indonesia 5.0 0117217283 mi 1523947441Mon, 16-Apr-2018 11:44pm PDT map
167 mi E of Amahai, Indonesia 5.2 0117307289 mi 1523940957Mon, 16-Apr-2018 9:55pm PDT map
165 mi E of Amahai, Indonesia 5.5 0117237284 mi 1523933555Mon, 16-Apr-2018 7:52pm PDT map
44 mi WSW of Hachijo-jima, Japan 4.9 0085795331 mi 1523902141Mon, 16-Apr-2018 11:09am PDT map
95 mi S of False Pass, Alaska 4.6 0036602274 mi 1523890288Mon, 16-Apr-2018 7:51am PDT map
24 mi NE of Taitung City, Taiwan 4.6 0106056590 mi 1523886538Mon, 16-Apr-2018 6:48am PDT map
25 mi WNW of Coquimbo, Chile 4.8 0090875646 mi 1523881895Mon, 16-Apr-2018 5:31am PDT map
53 mi SW of Porgera, Papua New Guinea 5.1 0108846763 mi 1523858981Sun, 15-Apr-2018 11:09pm PDT map
103 mi SSE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.7 0087845458 mi 1523858029Sun, 15-Apr-2018 10:53pm PDT map
20 mi NW of Chamchamal, Iraq 4.5 0118097338 mi 1523853034Sun, 15-Apr-2018 9:30pm PDT map
29 mi SW of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 5.1 0137428539 mi 1523849455Sun, 15-Apr-2018 8:30pm PDT map
165 mi S of `Ohonua, Tonga 5.2 0087495436 mi 1523835620Sun, 15-Apr-2018 4:40pm PDT map
153 mi SSW of Suva, Fiji 5.2 0089735576 mi 1523833977Sun, 15-Apr-2018 4:12pm PDT map
139 mi NW of Saumlaki, Indonesia 4.7 0120297474 mi 1523832002Sun, 15-Apr-2018 3:40pm PDT map
64 mi ESE of Hihifo, Tonga 4.7 0079604946 mi 1523826914Sun, 15-Apr-2018 2:15pm PDT map
24 mi E of Awallan, Philippines 5.2 0109356795 mi 1523821436Sun, 15-Apr-2018 12:43pm PDT map
53 mi NW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia 5.9 0117717314 mi 1523820643Sun, 15-Apr-2018 12:30pm PDT map
43 mi SE of Vallenar, Chile 4.5 0091075659 mi 1523798162Sun, 15-Apr-2018 6:16am PDT map
38 mi N of Isangel, Vanuatu 4.6 0095105909 mi 1523791635Sun, 15-Apr-2018 4:27am PDT map
Reykjanes Ridge 4.5 0065834091 mi 1523779168Sun, 15-Apr-2018 12:59am PDT map
34 mi SE of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 4.8 0138018576 mi 1523771507Sat, 14-Apr-2018 10:51pm PDT map
117 mi NNW of Dili, East Timor 4.6 0125527799 mi 1523759879Sat, 14-Apr-2018 7:37pm PDT map
144 mi SE of Iwo Jima, Japan 5.1 0088785517 mi 1523751045Sat, 14-Apr-2018 5:10pm PDT map
121 mi NNW of Lagoa, Portugal 4.7 0076514754 mi 1523741866Sat, 14-Apr-2018 2:37pm PDT map
28 mi N of Pucallpa, Peru 4.6 0070234364 mi 1523733987Sat, 14-Apr-2018 12:26pm PDT map
Revilla Gigedo Islands region 4.6 0023861482 mi 1523731094Sat, 14-Apr-2018 11:38am PDT map
130 mi NNW of Lagoa, Portugal 5.1 0076454750 mi 1523730852Sat, 14-Apr-2018 11:34am PDT map
39 mi WNW of Babakanbungur, Indonesia 4.8 0141488791 mi 1523728943Sat, 14-Apr-2018 11:02am PDT map
105 mi ENE of Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal 4.6 0076524755 mi 1523726014Sat, 14-Apr-2018 10:13am PDT map
115 mi NE of Santa Cruz das Flores, Portugal 5.3 0076454750 mi 1523724791Sat, 14-Apr-2018 9:53am PDT map
Off the coast of Mexico 4.5 0038942419 mi 1523719206Sat, 14-Apr-2018 8:20am PDT map
80 mi S of Bengkulu, Indonesia 4.6 0142988884 mi 1523717270Sat, 14-Apr-2018 7:47am PDT map
58 mi WSW of Pasirnangka, Indonesia 4.8 0142328843 mi 1523696213Sat, 14-Apr-2018 1:56am PDT map
Scotia Sea 5.5 0133128271 mi 1523693840Sat, 14-Apr-2018 1:17am PDT map

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