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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.5 or greater within 13000 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Fri, 19-Oct-2018 12:59am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
102 mi W of Abepura, Indonesia 5.4 0109846825 mi 1539928512Thu, 18-Oct-2018 10:55pm PDT map
16 mi WNW of Arica, Chile 4.5 0081845085 mi 1539926252Thu, 18-Oct-2018 10:17pm PDT map
114 mi E of Raoul Island, New Zealand 5.0 0092875771 mi 1539916318Thu, 18-Oct-2018 7:31pm PDT map
27 mi NW of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 4.7 0086775392 mi 1539906127Thu, 18-Oct-2018 4:42pm PDT map
Indian Ocean Triple Junction 4.9 01855511530 mi 1539903199Thu, 18-Oct-2018 3:53pm PDT map
19 mi ENE of Sibolga, Indonesia 4.9 0139688679 mi 1539900737Thu, 18-Oct-2018 3:12pm PDT map
28 mi NW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.7 0089135539 mi 1539899743Thu, 18-Oct-2018 2:55pm PDT map
48 mi WSW of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 4.9 0099966211 mi 1539894331Thu, 18-Oct-2018 1:25pm PDT map
130 mi NW of Fosnavag, Norway 4.6 0078144855 mi 1539886389Thu, 18-Oct-2018 11:13am PDT map
28 mi ENE of Tacna, Peru 5.0 0081855086 mi 1539877672Thu, 18-Oct-2018 8:47am PDT map
62 mi NE of Amsterdam Island, France 5.0 01822011322 mi 1539875884Thu, 18-Oct-2018 8:18am PDT map
11 mi W of Borujerd, Iran 4.5 0120747502 mi 1539875687Thu, 18-Oct-2018 8:14am PDT map
131 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 4.6 0096776013 mi 1539874214Thu, 18-Oct-2018 7:50am PDT map
129 mi NNW of Pubu, China 4.7 0115307164 mi 1539849119Thu, 18-Oct-2018 12:51am PDT map
23 mi SE of Hasaki, Japan 4.9 0082595132 mi 1539839900Wed, 17-Oct-2018 10:18pm PDT map
34 mi SSW of Reuleuet, Indonesia 4.9 0139188648 mi 1539836943Wed, 17-Oct-2018 9:29pm PDT map
93 mi NW of Pangai, Tonga 4.8 0083655198 mi 1539821471Wed, 17-Oct-2018 5:11pm PDT map
25 mi SSW of Lithakia, Greece 4.6 0108976771 mi 1539813798Wed, 17-Oct-2018 3:03pm PDT map
South of the Fiji Islands 4.5 0090605630 mi 1539812470Wed, 17-Oct-2018 2:41pm PDT map
0 mi ENE of Cervantes, Philippines 5.1 0111616935 mi 1539801290Wed, 17-Oct-2018 11:34am PDT map
66 mi NE of Whakatane, New Zealand 4.8 0103136408 mi 1539792259Wed, 17-Oct-2018 9:04am PDT map
58 mi ESE of Ozernovskiy, Russia 4.6 0062743899 mi 1539788459Wed, 17-Oct-2018 8:00am PDT map
157 mi NNW of Chichi-shima, Japan 5.1 0086665385 mi 1539782948Wed, 17-Oct-2018 6:29am PDT map
130 mi W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia 5.1 0096866019 mi 1539756079Tue, 16-Oct-2018 11:01pm PDT map
24 mi S of Huili Chengguanzhen, China 4.5 0115957205 mi 1539754166Tue, 16-Oct-2018 10:29pm PDT map
Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.2 0139028638 mi 1539749566Tue, 16-Oct-2018 9:12pm PDT map
70 mi WNW of Valparaiso, Chile 4.7 0092705760 mi 1539748900Tue, 16-Oct-2018 9:01pm PDT map
Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.4 0138808625 mi 1539748644Tue, 16-Oct-2018 8:57pm PDT map
32 mi SW of Checca, Peru 4.5 0078044849 mi 1539744319Tue, 16-Oct-2018 7:45pm PDT map
104 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.2 0096956024 mi 1539739389Tue, 16-Oct-2018 6:23pm PDT map
67 mi SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands 5.5 0092145725 mi 1539737864Tue, 16-Oct-2018 5:57pm PDT map
47 mi NE of Wabag, Papua New Guinea 4.6 0106776634 mi 1539724355Tue, 16-Oct-2018 2:12pm PDT map
8 mi WNW of Kabugao, Philippines 4.8 0110116842 mi 1539720161Tue, 16-Oct-2018 1:02pm PDT map
6 mi E of Pamandzi, Mayotte 4.9 01704610592 mi 1539708011Tue, 16-Oct-2018 9:40am PDT map
17 mi WSW of Dinjo, Indonesia 4.7 0132368225 mi 1539707192Tue, 16-Oct-2018 9:26am PDT map
9 mi WNW of Tocache Nuevo, Peru 4.6 0068854278 mi 1539703814Tue, 16-Oct-2018 8:30am PDT map
Southeast of Easter Island 5.4 0082725140 mi 1539694228Tue, 16-Oct-2018 5:50am PDT map
120 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 4.6 0096766013 mi 1539687026Tue, 16-Oct-2018 3:50am PDT map
Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.7 0096495996 mi 1539686020Tue, 16-Oct-2018 3:33am PDT map
75 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 4.9 0097256043 mi 1539685757Tue, 16-Oct-2018 3:29am PDT map
South of Tonga 4.9 0088645508 mi 1539681439Tue, 16-Oct-2018 2:17am PDT map
Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.3 0102786387 mi 1539678937Tue, 16-Oct-2018 1:35am PDT map
96 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.2 0097116034 mi 1539672591Mon, 15-Oct-2018 11:49pm PDT map
105 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.1 0097066031 mi 1539668091Mon, 15-Oct-2018 10:34pm PDT map
135 mi SE of Baubau, Indonesia 4.7 0125647807 mi 1539666150Mon, 15-Oct-2018 10:02pm PDT map
102 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.6 0097106033 mi 1539664962Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:42pm PDT map
109 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.0 0097096033 mi 1539663682Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:21pm PDT map
104 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.1 0097196039 mi 1539662939Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:08pm PDT map
21 mi NNW of Liloy, Philippines 5.0 0116237222 mi 1539661927Mon, 15-Oct-2018 8:52pm PDT map
102 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.0 0096986026 mi 1539660765Mon, 15-Oct-2018 8:32pm PDT map
119 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.1 0096866019 mi 1539659672Mon, 15-Oct-2018 8:14pm PDT map
96 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.1 0097186038 mi 1539659008Mon, 15-Oct-2018 8:03pm PDT map
114 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.0 0097046030 mi 1539656646Mon, 15-Oct-2018 7:24pm PDT map
70 mi ENE of Yining Xian, China 5.4 0106526619 mi 1539655813Mon, 15-Oct-2018 7:10pm PDT map
112 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 4.8 0097016028 mi 1539655060Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:57pm PDT map
103 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.4 0096996027 mi 1539653905Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:38pm PDT map
103 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.2 0096976026 mi 1539653485Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:31pm PDT map
103 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.1 0097136035 mi 1539653345Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:29pm PDT map
97 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.8 0097096033 mi 1539652477Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:14pm PDT map
104 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 6.4 0096936023 mi 1539651823Mon, 15-Oct-2018 6:03pm PDT map
106 mi ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia 6.3 0097096033 mi 1539649692Mon, 15-Oct-2018 5:28pm PDT map
98 mi SSE of Preobrazheniye, Russia 4.5 0083135165 mi 1539648729Mon, 15-Oct-2018 5:12pm PDT map
86 mi E of Gualaquiza, Ecuador 4.7 0064444004 mi 1539646915Mon, 15-Oct-2018 4:41pm PDT map
86 mi ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 5.2 0101296294 mi 1539632431Mon, 15-Oct-2018 12:40pm PDT map
83 mi ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 5.4 0101256291 mi 1539632156Mon, 15-Oct-2018 12:35pm PDT map
112 mi ENE of Vostok, Russia 4.9 0067724208 mi 1539621908Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:45am PDT map
32 mi ESE of Tingo Maria, Peru 4.9 0070774397 mi 1539621229Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:33am PDT map
24 mi SW of Meulaboh, Indonesia 4.9 0140128707 mi 1539620811Mon, 15-Oct-2018 9:26am PDT map
65 mi NE of Hihifo, Tonga 4.6 0078914903 mi 1539614255Mon, 15-Oct-2018 7:37am PDT map
49 mi WNW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.7 0088925525 mi 1539608334Mon, 15-Oct-2018 5:58am PDT map
67 mi S of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala 4.9 0040942544 mi 1539594342Mon, 15-Oct-2018 2:05am PDT map
6 mi S of Nea Apollonia, Greece 4.5 0107026650 mi 1539594166Mon, 15-Oct-2018 2:02am PDT map
West of Macquarie Island 4.9 0134108333 mi 1539581514Sun, 14-Oct-2018 10:31pm PDT map
19 mi W of Anchorage, Alaska 4.5 0033502082 mi 1539580752Sun, 14-Oct-2018 10:19pm PDT map
75 mi NE of Yelizovo, Russia 5.6 0060633767 mi 1539567132Sun, 14-Oct-2018 6:32pm PDT map
124 mi SSE of Saparua, Indonesia 4.7 0119917451 mi 1539565480Sun, 14-Oct-2018 6:04pm PDT map
4 mi WSW of Matsubase, Japan 4.5 0092205729 mi 1539562375Sun, 14-Oct-2018 5:12pm PDT map
61 mi NNE of Kobuk, Alaska 5.3 0040332506 mi 1539561194Sun, 14-Oct-2018 4:53pm PDT map
Southeast Indian Ridge 5.0 01735710785 mi 1539534441Sun, 14-Oct-2018 9:27am PDT map
130 mi N of Luring, China 4.6 0116587244 mi 1539527210Sun, 14-Oct-2018 7:26am PDT map
Southeast Indian Ridge 5.9 01733710773 mi 1539520874Sun, 14-Oct-2018 5:41am PDT map
Southwest of Africa 4.9 01614310031 mi 1539515270Sun, 14-Oct-2018 4:07am PDT map
37 mi E of Karakenja, Tajikistan 4.8 0114127091 mi 1539494157Sat, 13-Oct-2018 10:15pm PDT map
Southeast Indian Ridge 5.8 01734910780 mi 1539493534Sat, 13-Oct-2018 10:05pm PDT map
85 mi NE of Georgetown, Saint Helena 4.6 0121167529 mi 1539491642Sat, 13-Oct-2018 9:34pm PDT map
25 mi ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 4.7 0080334992 mi 1539477028Sat, 13-Oct-2018 5:30pm PDT map
136 mi SSE of Saparua, Indonesia 4.7 0120217469 mi 1539472814Sat, 13-Oct-2018 4:20pm PDT map
75 mi SSW of Banda Aceh, Indonesia 4.5 0140208712 mi 1539470898Sat, 13-Oct-2018 3:48pm PDT map
103 mi NNW of Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island 5.0 0143328906 mi 1539459504Sat, 13-Oct-2018 12:38pm PDT map
150 mi NNW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands 4.6 0088415493 mi 1539453240Sat, 13-Oct-2018 10:54am PDT map
99 mi NNW of Nago, Japan 4.6 0098236104 mi 1539448501Sat, 13-Oct-2018 9:35am PDT map
20 mi SE of Muisne, Ecuador 4.7 0059393690 mi 1539437762Sat, 13-Oct-2018 6:36am PDT map
93 mi E of Luganville, Vanuatu 4.6 0092935775 mi 1539437595Sat, 13-Oct-2018 6:33am PDT map
163 mi NW of Ozernovskiy, Russia 6.7 0064874031 mi 1539429023Sat, 13-Oct-2018 4:10am PDT map
South of the Fiji Islands 4.5 0092055720 mi 1539406159Fri, 12-Oct-2018 9:49pm PDT map
16 mi E of Bitung, Indonesia 5.2 0118907388 mi 1539405255Fri, 12-Oct-2018 9:34pm PDT map
26 mi WNW of Sola, Vanuatu 5.7 0092835768 mi 1539389626Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:13pm PDT map
9 mi WSW of Pisco, Peru 5.2 0073914592 mi 1539389603Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:13pm PDT map
120 mi N of Qulansiyah, Yemen 4.9 0142788872 mi 1539389546Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:12pm PDT map
94 mi S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 4.9 0064514009 mi 1539382925Fri, 12-Oct-2018 3:22pm PDT map
147 mi NNW of Kuril'sk, Russia 5.1 0071884467 mi 1539380306Fri, 12-Oct-2018 2:38pm PDT map
8 mi E of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala 5.7 0039652464 mi 1539378589Fri, 12-Oct-2018 2:09pm PDT map
43 mi NNE of Akutan, Alaska 4.7 0038052364 mi 1539364598Fri, 12-Oct-2018 10:16am PDT map
39 mi ESE of Manjimup, Australia 4.6 0147779182 mi 1539361890Fri, 12-Oct-2018 9:31am PDT map
East of the Kuril Islands 4.6 0065304058 mi 1539349037Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:57am PDT map
71 mi ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0101236290 mi 1539346006Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:06am PDT map
176 mi NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.5 0084885274 mi 1539345749Fri, 12-Oct-2018 5:02am PDT map
Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 5.1 0103416425 mi 1539337221Fri, 12-Oct-2018 2:40am PDT map

108 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS