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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 3.5 or greater within 3000 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Sun, 21-Jan-2018 10:11pm PST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
47 mi SW of Masachapa, Nicaragua 5.0 0045142805 mi 1516561564Sun, 21-Jan-2018 11:06am PST map
58 mi WNW of La Libertad, Mexico 4.5 001079670 mi 1516554258Sun, 21-Jan-2018 9:04am PST map
45 mi ESE of East End, Cayman Islands 4.0 0044932792 mi 1516548150Sun, 21-Jan-2018 7:22am PST map
11 mi SSW of Champerico, Guatemala 4.2 0039122431 mi 1516527908Sun, 21-Jan-2018 1:45am PST map
20 mi SSE of San Mateo del Mar, Mexico 4.2 0035492205 mi 1516525250Sun, 21-Jan-2018 1:00am PST map
Bering Sea 4.5 0046402883 mi 1516499682Sat, 20-Jan-2018 5:54pm PST map
41 mi E of Great Swan Island, Honduras 4.0 0043522704 mi 1516496102Sat, 20-Jan-2018 4:55pm PST map
47 mi NNE of Loreto, Mexico 4.4 001542958 mi 1516456135Sat, 20-Jan-2018 5:48am PST map
7 mi N of Healy, Alaska 4.6 0034992174 mi 1516406105Fri, 19-Jan-2018 3:55pm PST map
41 mi NNE of Loreto, Mexico 4.5 001551964 mi 1516380508Fri, 19-Jan-2018 8:48am PST map
48 mi NNE of Loreto, Mexico 6.3 001538956 mi 1516378662Fri, 19-Jan-2018 8:17am PST map
52 mi WNW of Skagway, Alaska 3.9 0027411703 mi 1516355779Fri, 19-Jan-2018 1:56am PST map
39 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 3.6 0044352756 mi 1516335620Thu, 18-Jan-2018 8:20pm PST map
47 mi WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico 5.1 0037952358 mi 1516287524Thu, 18-Jan-2018 6:58am PST map
22 mi ESE of Palomares, Mexico 4.5 0034692156 mi 1516265036Thu, 18-Jan-2018 12:43am PST map
1 mi NE of The Geysers, CA 4.2 000211131 mi 1516254911Wed, 17-Jan-2018 9:55pm PST map
63 mi SSE of Haines Junction, Canada 4.2 0027601715 mi 1516243668Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:47pm PST map
119 mi SSE of Atka, Alaska 4.0 0042572645 mi 1516226841Wed, 17-Jan-2018 2:07pm PST map
55 mi SW of Gambell, Alaska 3.7 0044762781 mi 1516208655Wed, 17-Jan-2018 9:04am PST map
48 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 3.7 0044472763 mi 1516195230Wed, 17-Jan-2018 5:20am PST map
50 mi WNW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska 3.5 0046962918 mi 1516189971Wed, 17-Jan-2018 3:52am PST map
2 mi SW of Caruthersville, Missouri 3.6 0028741786 mi 1516121874Tue, 16-Jan-2018 8:57am PST map
39 mi SW of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 5.9 0045912853 mi 1516115034Tue, 16-Jan-2018 7:03am PST map
50 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 4.1 0044452762 mi 1516099856Tue, 16-Jan-2018 2:50am PST map
78 mi S of La Libertad, El Salvador 4.8 0042342631 mi 1516091049Tue, 16-Jan-2018 12:24am PST map
46 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 3.8 0044262750 mi 1516088934Mon, 15-Jan-2018 11:48pm PST map
45 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 3.7 0044302753 mi 1516088734Mon, 15-Jan-2018 11:45pm PST map
12 mi NW of Great Swan Island, Honduras 4.3 0042872664 mi 1516081586Mon, 15-Jan-2018 9:46pm PST map
47 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 4.1 0044362756 mi 1516077970Mon, 15-Jan-2018 8:46pm PST map
48 mi SSW of Gambell, Alaska 5.0 0044442761 mi 1516077661Mon, 15-Jan-2018 8:41pm PST map
60 mi SW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua 4.5 0043682714 mi 1516043363Mon, 15-Jan-2018 11:09am PST map

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