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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 3.5 or greater within 3000 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Fri, 19-Oct-2018 1:05am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
11 mi WNW of Talkeetna, Alaska 3.9 0034272130 mi 1539932104Thu, 18-Oct-2018 11:55pm PDT map
17 mi N of Sterling, Alaska 3.6 0033222064 mi 1539854080Thu, 18-Oct-2018 2:14am PDT map
65 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.9 0038582397 mi 1539835949Wed, 17-Oct-2018 9:12pm PDT map
66 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 4.0 0038582398 mi 1539821831Wed, 17-Oct-2018 5:17pm PDT map
Gulf of Alaska 3.5 0029021803 mi 1539811978Wed, 17-Oct-2018 2:32pm PDT map
45 mi ESE of San Felipe, Mexico 4.1 001005624 mi 1539798440Wed, 17-Oct-2018 10:47am PDT map
65 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.5 0038552395 mi 1539741880Tue, 16-Oct-2018 7:04pm PDT map
62 mi SW of Puerto Madero, Mexico 4.3 0038392386 mi 1539736455Tue, 16-Oct-2018 5:34pm PDT map
52 mi SW of Kaktovik, Alaska 4.0 0038802411 mi 1539708317Tue, 16-Oct-2018 9:45am PDT map
28 mi N of Valdez, Alaska 4.3 0032121996 mi 1539688932Tue, 16-Oct-2018 4:22am PDT map
67 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.9 0038562396 mi 1539640477Mon, 15-Oct-2018 2:54pm PDT map
67 mi S of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala 4.9 0040942544 mi 1539594342Mon, 15-Oct-2018 2:05am PDT map
19 mi W of Anchorage, Alaska 4.5 0033502082 mi 1539580752Sun, 14-Oct-2018 10:19pm PDT map
61 mi NNE of Kobuk, Alaska 5.3 0040332506 mi 1539561194Sun, 14-Oct-2018 4:53pm PDT map
45 mi SSW of Atka, Alaska 4.1 0043812722 mi 1539550780Sun, 14-Oct-2018 1:59pm PDT map
33 mi WNW of Haines, Alaska 3.6 0027011678 mi 1539529441Sun, 14-Oct-2018 8:04am PDT map
27 mi SE of Pahala, Hawaii 3.9 0038042364 mi 1539517192Sun, 14-Oct-2018 4:39am PDT map
6 mi NNW of Santa Maria Zacatepec, Mexico 4.2 0032482018 mi 1539480738Sat, 13-Oct-2018 6:32pm PDT map
55 mi SW of Kaktovik, Alaska 3.7 0038942420 mi 1539480118Sat, 13-Oct-2018 6:21pm PDT map
60 mi SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska 3.7 0038392385 mi 1539480088Sat, 13-Oct-2018 6:21pm PDT map
8 mi E of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala 5.7 0039652464 mi 1539378589Fri, 12-Oct-2018 2:09pm PDT map
43 mi NNE of Akutan, Alaska 4.7 0038052364 mi 1539364598Fri, 12-Oct-2018 10:16am PDT map

22 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS