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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.5 or greater within 500 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Sat, 19-Oct-2019 12:14am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
5 mi W of Garnet, CA 3.3 000596370 mi 1571446596Fri, 18-Oct-2019 5:56pm PDT map
3 mi NNE of Pinnacles, CA 2.7 00009157 mi 1571421754Fri, 18-Oct-2019 11:02am PDT map
15 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.7 00011572 mi 1571419130Fri, 18-Oct-2019 10:18am PDT map
14 mi S of Trona, CA 2.6 000443275 mi 1571393499Fri, 18-Oct-2019 3:11am PDT map
0 mi SSE of Compton, CA 3.5 000486302 mi 1571383191Fri, 18-Oct-2019 12:19am PDT map
4 mi WSW of Rio Dell, CA 2.9 000431268 mi 1571382712Fri, 18-Oct-2019 12:11am PDT map
11 mi W of Searles Valley, CA 3.9 000418260 mi 1571376894Thu, 17-Oct-2019 10:34pm PDT map
96 mi WNW of Port Orford, Oregon 4.7 000766476 mi 1571345006Thu, 17-Oct-2019 1:43pm PDT map
10 mi NW of Pinnacles, CA 3.6 00007748 mi 1571324095Thu, 17-Oct-2019 7:54am PDT map
4 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.9 000216134 mi 1571321813Thu, 17-Oct-2019 7:16am PDT map
2 mi ENE of The Geysers, CA 2.7 000211131 mi 1571313495Thu, 17-Oct-2019 4:58am PDT map
7 mi NW of Searles Valley, CA 2.8 000425264 mi 1571290181Wed, 16-Oct-2019 10:29pm PDT map
15 mi N of Trona, CA 3.0 000433269 mi 1571286861Wed, 16-Oct-2019 9:34pm PDT map
7 mi NE of Ridgecrest, CA 2.8 000423263 mi 1571268568Wed, 16-Oct-2019 4:29pm PDT map
9 mi SSW of Searles Valley, CA 2.7 000435270 mi 1571264869Wed, 16-Oct-2019 3:27pm PDT map
14 mi ESE of Ridgecrest, CA 2.6 000440273 mi 1571264466Wed, 16-Oct-2019 3:21pm PDT map
4 mi WSW of Klamath, CA 3.2 000534332 mi 1571263849Wed, 16-Oct-2019 3:10pm PDT map
3 mi SSW of Gilroy, CA 2.6 00003823 mi 1571232730Wed, 16-Oct-2019 6:32am PDT map
10 mi NW of Pinnacles, CA 3.3 00007647 mi 1571231353Wed, 16-Oct-2019 6:09am PDT map
6 mi ESE of Lopez Point, CA 2.5 00012074 mi 1571219903Wed, 16-Oct-2019 2:58am PDT map
9 mi SSE of Mammoth Lakes, CA 2.5 000283176 mi 1571195689Tue, 15-Oct-2019 8:14pm PDT map
9 mi SSE of Tres Pinos, CA 2.8 00007446 mi 1571194625Tue, 15-Oct-2019 7:57pm PDT map
9 mi SSE of Tres Pinos, CA 2.5 00007546 mi 1571193669Tue, 15-Oct-2019 7:41pm PDT map
0 mi WNW of Pleasant Hill, CA 3.2 00010867 mi 1571191918Tue, 15-Oct-2019 7:11pm PDT map
9 mi SSE of Tres Pinos, CA 2.6 00007546 mi 1571169346Tue, 15-Oct-2019 12:55pm PDT map
11 mi SSE of Tres Pinos, CA 4.7 00007647 mi 1571168550Tue, 15-Oct-2019 12:42pm PDT map
2 mi NNW of Pinnacles, CA 2.7 00008955 mi 1571134783Tue, 15-Oct-2019 3:19am PDT map
14 mi ESE of Ridgecrest, CA 2.7 000440273 mi 1571134515Tue, 15-Oct-2019 3:15am PDT map
1 mi SSW of Pleasant Hill, CA 2.6 00010766 mi 1571122505Mon, 14-Oct-2019 11:55pm PDT map
1 mi SSE of Pleasant Hill, CA 4.5 00010766 mi 1571117622Mon, 14-Oct-2019 10:33pm PDT map
1 mi S of Pleasant Hill, CA 2.5 00010766 mi 1571117038Mon, 14-Oct-2019 10:23pm PDT map
11 mi W of Searles Valley, CA 2.5 000418260 mi 1571111666Mon, 14-Oct-2019 8:54pm PDT map
11 mi W of Searles Valley, CA 2.5 000416259 mi 1571090491Mon, 14-Oct-2019 3:01pm PDT map
5 mi W of Durham, CA 2.7 000298185 mi 1571035877Sun, 13-Oct-2019 11:51pm PDT map
14 mi S of Trona, CA 2.9 000448278 mi 1571029047Sun, 13-Oct-2019 9:57pm PDT map
5 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 3.0 000651405 mi 1571025330Sun, 13-Oct-2019 8:55pm PDT map
12 mi NE of Morgan Hill, CA 2.6 00005434 mi 1571016328Sun, 13-Oct-2019 6:25pm PDT map
12 mi NE of Morgan Hill, CA 2.9 00005434 mi 1571009527Sun, 13-Oct-2019 4:32pm PDT map
11 mi S of Trona, CA 3.1 000440273 mi 1570981718Sun, 13-Oct-2019 8:48am PDT map
6 mi NW of Garnet, CA 2.5 000593369 mi 1570933011Sat, 12-Oct-2019 7:16pm PDT map
5 mi E of Ridgecrest, CA 2.5 000425264 mi 1570932757Sat, 12-Oct-2019 7:12pm PDT map
10 mi E of Ocotillo, CA 2.6 000735456 mi 1570927711Sat, 12-Oct-2019 5:48pm PDT map

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