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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.5 or greater within 500 mi of Santa Cruz
Update time = Thu, 22-Feb-2018 4:24am PST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
15 mi N of French Gulch, CA 2.6 000441274 mi 1519294502Thu, 22-Feb-2018 2:15am PST map
6 mi WNW of Cobb, CA 2.9 000219136 mi 1519286654Thu, 22-Feb-2018 12:04am PST map
7 mi N of Tahoe Vista, CA 2.9 000315196 mi 1519246750Wed, 21-Feb-2018 12:59pm PST map
7 mi SSW of Bootjack, CA 2.9 000188117 mi 1519207815Wed, 21-Feb-2018 2:10am PST map
2 mi WNW of Diablo, CA 2.8 00009660 mi 1519179399Tue, 20-Feb-2018 6:16pm PST map
1 mi NE of Danville, CA 2.9 00009559 mi 1519129563Tue, 20-Feb-2018 4:26am PST map
1 mi WNW of Diablo, CA 3.0 00009660 mi 1519129543Tue, 20-Feb-2018 4:25am PST map
1 mi WNW of Diablo, CA 2.6 00009660 mi 1519129513Tue, 20-Feb-2018 4:25am PST map
28 mi ENE of Maneadero, B.C., MX 2.7 000791492 mi 1519122224Tue, 20-Feb-2018 2:23am PST map
27 mi ENE of Maneadero, B.C., MX 3.6 000790491 mi 1519122150Tue, 20-Feb-2018 2:22am PST map
1 mi NW of Diablo, CA 2.8 00009660 mi 1519119123Tue, 20-Feb-2018 1:32am PST map
13 mi ESE of Anza, CA 2.8 000636395 mi 1519112074Mon, 19-Feb-2018 11:34pm PST map
6 mi NNE of Cloverdale, CA 2.5 000229142 mi 1519088582Mon, 19-Feb-2018 5:03pm PST map
13 mi ESE of Anza, CA 2.8 000637396 mi 1519083630Mon, 19-Feb-2018 3:40pm PST map
8 mi NNE of Mineral, CA 2.9 000390242 mi 1519077147Mon, 19-Feb-2018 1:52pm PST map
7 mi NNE of Mineral, CA 2.8 000390242 mi 1519074615Mon, 19-Feb-2018 1:10pm PST map
1 mi WNW of Diablo, CA 2.9 00009660 mi 1519030160Mon, 19-Feb-2018 12:49am PST map
11 mi NW of Parkfield, CA 2.6 000169105 mi 1519001604Sun, 18-Feb-2018 4:53pm PST map
37 mi WNW of Currant, Nevada 2.7 000563350 mi 1518990113Sun, 18-Feb-2018 1:41pm PST map
7 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.6 00010465 mi 1518941248Sun, 18-Feb-2018 12:07am PST map
6 mi ESE of Puebla, B.C., MX 2.7 000791491 mi 1518932984Sat, 17-Feb-2018 9:49pm PST map
8 mi NNE of Mineral, CA 2.6 000390243 mi 1518902355Sat, 17-Feb-2018 1:19pm PST map
2 mi ESE of Loma Linda, CA 2.6 000542337 mi 1518894486Sat, 17-Feb-2018 11:08am PST map
20 mi SE of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.8 000359223 mi 1518878736Sat, 17-Feb-2018 6:45am PST map
11 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 2.7 000644400 mi 1518869765Sat, 17-Feb-2018 4:16am PST map
1 mi WNW of Diablo, CA 2.5 00009659 mi 1518868453Sat, 17-Feb-2018 3:54am PST map
1 mi SE of Silver Lake, CA 2.9 000468291 mi 1518862616Sat, 17-Feb-2018 2:16am PST map
1 mi W of Diablo, CA 2.8 00009559 mi 1518815997Fri, 16-Feb-2018 1:19pm PST map
9 mi W of Delta, B.C., MX 2.5 000798496 mi 1518723729Thu, 15-Feb-2018 11:42am PST map

29 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS