Real-Time Radiation

Nuclear Radiation Safty Guide

CPM uSv/h mR/r Level/Action
1-50 0.01~0.33 0.001~0.033 Normal background. No action needed.
51-99 0.34~0.64 0.034~0.064 Medium level. Check the reading regularly.
>100 >0.65 >0.065 High level. Closely watch the reading, and find out why.
>1000 >6.5 >0.650 Very high level. Leave the area ASAP, and find out why.
>2000 >13 >1.30 Extremely high level. Evacuate immediately, report to government.

The radiation data is from the local GQ GMC-500+ sensor and displayed on the Real-Time Radiation World Map at www.gmcmap.com.