Recent Earthquakes*
11-17-2017 03:27:593.0423km NNE of Soledad, California50
11-15-2017 06:58:442.467km WSW of Gilroy, California20
11-15-2017 04:48:253.116km SSE of Rio Vista, California80
11-15-2017 01:23:533.7622km NE of Gonzales, California49
11-15-2017 01:15:183.1623km NE of Gonzales, California49
11-13-2017 19:31:294.5822km NE of Gonzales, California49
11-10-2017 08:09:242.738km ENE of San Martin, California29
11-05-2017 09:02:032.4621km W of Bonny Doon, California22
10-31-2017 16:29:082.7611km SW of Ridgemark, California34
10-29-2017 20:11:193.1222km NE of Soledad, California54
10-28-2017 10:37:252.6511km SW of Ridgemark, California34
10-26-2017 20:38:514.3332km SW of Lompoc, CA192
10-26-2017 18:40:173.438km ENE of San Martin, California29
10-19-2017 11:45:323.4924km NE of Greenfield, California64
10-13-2017 11:32:282.529km E of Gilroy, California30
10-13-2017 11:13:532.937km WSW of Gilroy, California20
10-10-2017 00:53:184.0914km ESE of Alum Rock, California30
10-08-2017 01:40:152.833km W of San Juan Bautista, California26
10-04-2017 15:58:382.713km ESE of Aromas, California23
10-03-2017 16:03:022.5811km SW of Ridgemark, California34
09-22-2017 19:50:155.7218km W of Ferndale, California352
09-21-2017 17:12:492.748km ENE of San Martin, California29
* Earthquakes in last 60 days with possible detection above background noise in Santa Cruz, CA.